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Two satellite images encompassing most of Ghana reveal extensive flooding. The view on the left taken on 12 September 2007 shows river systems throughout the length and breadth of the small country swollen compared to conditions in June (right) before the rainy season started.

three equal horizontal stripes of red (top), blue, and white – the Pan-Slav colors representing freedom and revolutionary ideals; charged with the coat of arms of Serbia shifted slightly to the hoist side; the principal field of the coat of arms represents the Serbian state and displays a white two-headed eagle on a red shield; a smaller red

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Of Guinea’s two dozen ethnic groups, three predominate: the Fulani, Malinké, and Soussou. The Fulani (sometimes called Peul), perhaps the largest single group (40% of the population), live mainly in the Futa Jallon.

Daily News on Wars in the World and on New States Afghanistan Somalia Ethiopia Ogaden Somaliland Puntland Yemen Iraq Israel Palestine WestBank India Colombia Mexico Chechnya Dagestan Ossetia Ingushetia Russia

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United Nations Development Programme, Making the Law Work for Everyone, Report of the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor Volume 1 (2008).

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Ghana was the first independent country in Africa.The Republic of Ghana is named after the medieval West African Ghana Empire. The Empire became known in Europe and Arabia as the Ghana Empire after the title of its emperor, the Ghana.

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The term “genocide” is one of those controversial terms that can lead to all kinds of problems. The problem is that the term has been so politicized, and frequently used to attack leaders or countries that one dislikes, that it …

This is a list of conflicts in Africa arranged by country, both on the continent and associated islands, including wars between African nations, civil wars, and wars involving non-African nations that took place within Africa.

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African Union, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution in Africa: A Comparative Analysis of the Recent Kenya and Zimbabwe Conflicts

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The Ashanti are famous for ahanti stool and in particular the golden stool or Ashanti golden Stool. Ashanti are also known for their their …