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30% of people making an appointment this year will visit Healthgrades.. With more than 30 million people a month visiting, that amounts to a lot of opportunity to connect you to the right patients.

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Doctors Told Her She Was Just Fat. She Actually Had Cancer. Rebecca Hiles and millions of women like her are getting judged too quickly by their doctors — and it can mean the difference between life and death.

THYROID TOP DOCTORS DIRECTORY UNITED STATES AND INTERNATIONAL A Top Doc for thyroid patients — whether hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, or facing other thyroid problems — is a doctor who listens, cares, has an open mind, wants us to understand and participate in our treatment decisions, and isn’t beholden to a particular drug company.

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A new crop of Chinese businesses offer second opinions to patients via teleconference with U.S. doctors, underscoring the deep mistrust in an overstretched, underfunded healthcare system.

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Uber wants to make it easier for people to get to and from doctors appointments. Called Uber Health, the service lets doctors hail a ride for patients, even if …

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Doctors want to help people. Some people take advantage of doctors. Fact: Oregon is #1 in the nation for non-medical of prescription painkillers.

Doctors caution that patients should feel comfortable going to their doctor, and if they can’t be open and honest, they should seek medical treatment elsewhere. Getty Images Going to the doctor can be a stressful experience, so much so that you may feel put on the spot when you get asked an

Doctors Sex With Patients 115

Canada Top Thyroid Doctors — A state and country-specific list of the world’s best Top Thyroid Doctors, including thyroidologists, endocrinologists, thyroid specialists, thyroid surgeons, integrative physicians, and other thyroid practitioners, as nominated independently by thyroid patients, assembled by Mary Shomon, thyroid patient …

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Doctors & Sex . Until the AJC in 2016 published its national investigation of doctor sex cases, no one had accurate data about the extent of the problem or whether doctors were being held accountable.

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