Why Do You Need Lubricants For Intercourse? You may have had a time during sex when you found that your teenfriend’s vagina was very dry, despite her being willing and enthusiastic about being intimate with you.

I had sex last night without a condom and now I have mucus coming out my vagina. Not sure what that can mean?? PLEASE HELP!

But We Used a Condom is a standard feature of just about any modern, socially conscious show. Sometimes used after sex as An Aesop, or to provide a …

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Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! The width* refers to the nominal width.The missing asterisk belongs to a link explaining this term. Our customers and staff became so frustrated by the inaccurate, absent, old and hit-or-miss condom sizes provided by the condom manufacturers themselves (most brands list a 52mm nominal …

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Aunt Jodi West teaches me to give a BJ HD. I talk to my Aunt Jodi West about having a guy friend over. I explain to her that the condom broke and Im really worried about that.

A company has developed a female condom it claims can make a woman orgasm every time. The new condom, called the VA w.o.w, has a heart or star-shaped vibrating sleeve which allegedly can bring a woman to orgasm during sex.

Dear Dr. Betty, I have been having sex for about two years now and im starting to get worried that my vagina is loose. Sometimes during sex I can’t feel anything no matter what the size the mans penis is.

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This is a work of fiction Chapter 1 – The Temptation Begins: Although a quarter of a century has passed since these incidents occurred, it …

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Try: Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly $4. BUY IT. When you’re dealing with external itching and redness on the vulva—not internal itching that stretches into the vagina—it may be atopic dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin.

A gynecologist explains exactly how to remove a stuck condom yourself—plus the steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen again.