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Renal and Urology News August 19, 2009 ” circumcision must be combined with other techniques of HIV prevention, such as safe sex and voluntary testing. It is not sufficient to rely on circumcision alone to prevent HIV transmission.”

Circumcision. We are a fact-based, unbiased resource to help parents with the decision to circumcise or leave their son intact, and how to take care of him after you decide.

Having a man? Don’t make a circumcision mistake! Read our circumcision and foreskin care information, and try our unique risk assessment tool with plain language answers.

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What follows is a resource list of items that discuss some of the science behind the impact male circumcision has on women who partner with men.

Text of an article on circumcision in the United States by Edward O. Laumann and others.

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Do men and women prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises? Anonymous men and women tell-all in this Q&A about sex and circumcision.

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The case against infant circumcision and for genital integrity

Circumcision is an operation in which the foreskin is removed. In common speech, someone who has been circumcised is described as cut while someone who is not is described as uncut.For example, one teenaged man …

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This is a menu page of files related to the sexual function of the foreskin and the sexual dysfunction caused by circumcision.

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Pictures, videos and text explain how a circumcised penis changes sex for both the man and his female partner.

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