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1/ How many banana varieties exist and what are the differences? There are more than 1 000 varieties of bananas produced and consumed locally in the world, but the most commercialized is the Cavendish type banana, which accounts for around 47 percent of global production. Cavendish banana crops are

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Ooooo–thanks for this cool piece! I love banana slugs! Find them unique and fascinating. They live where I grew up in CA. In fact, I’ve written a scene that involves a pair of mating banana slugs (and a pair of potentially mating humans) into my novel in progress.

A banana is an edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called plantains, distinguishing them from dessert bananas.

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Banana equivalent dose (BED) is an informal measurement of ionizing radiation exposure, intended as a general educational example to compare a dose of radioactivity to the dose one is exposed to by eating one average-sized banana.

The humble banana almost seems like a miracle of nature. Colourful, nutritious, and much cherished by ren, monkeys and clowns, it has a favoured position in the planet’s fruitbowls. The banana is vitally important in many regions of the tropics, where different parts of the plant are used for

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